2022 – Live Beautifully

This year is all about Transformation & Appreciation. Live Beautifully Thru Wallpaper! Wallpaper is now referred to as "clothes for walls” because you can dress it up and create a unique ambiance in your home that no other wall finish can accomplish. Nothing...

Wallpaper Trends 2021: What to Lookout For

To make the space feel like your own with an added flare of your personality, we have compiled a list of four of the biggest 2021 wallpaper trends you need to be watching for.

Boutique Wallpapers Online, Curated by Experts

Whimsical Walls is a boutique wallpaper company located in Fort Langley. Our designers provide guidance through wallpaper selection and the entire installation process; from wall preparation and quantities through to completion with realistic deadlines achieving the best and most cost-effective results for your project.

Wallpaper is one of the most economical, versatile, and diverse decorating options available.  With its ability to capture any style or color scheme, it can imprint your personality and style on your walls like no other decorating product.

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