With increased time spent at home, and the surge of work-from-home offices, the Vancouver wallpaper industry has grown exponentially. To make the space feel like your own with an added flare of your personality, we have compiled a list of four of the biggest 2021 wallpaper trends you need to be watching for. 

  1. Textured Wallpaper

If bold or colourful prints don’t capture your heart, many are turning to more understated options to create the look and feel that you’re after. Textured wallpaper prints add just the right amount of consistency and simplicity to any room. New lines have been launched by wallpaper specialists (like Phillip Jeffries) to give rooms unique effects that have people interested in knowing what the wallpaper feels like. Check out Concrete Washi II by Phillip Jeffries if textured wallpaper sparks your interest!

  1. Modern Tropicals

Bringing nature inside, botanical and tropical prints have become incredibly popular with interior designers. Patterns that call upon the beauty of nature and represent various places around the world are making homes feel like a comfortable paradise. With different colour palettes and patterns, we recommend watching out for yellow tropical wallpapers as the vibrance exudes joy and increases desirability of a room. Banana Leaf is a print we are currently loving!

  1. Animal Features

Along with the tropical trends, installing a print featuring animals allows for a wildlife and nature inspired interior. From dog lovers adding whimsy to the perfect men’s game room, to cute alpaca designs for a nursery, charming animal images are perfect for defining your space. We recommend looking at Savuti or Oh Deer.

  1. Bold Florals

Vibrant statement walls have been showing up in residential, commercial and hospitality locations all across the Lower Mainland. Inspired by French influence, chinoiserie patterns and floral patterns display exuberant colours and celebrate spontaneity! Vintage glamour and interiors with a grandma-esque style have become incredibly popular among young design fans. Some bold floral inspiration include Shanghai Peacock, Spontaneous Floral, and Moody Blue Roses

Looking to revamp your interior with a 2021 wallpaper trend? We would love to help find the perfect print for your home! Check out our shop or contact our interior design service team.